Introduction Of Alibaba Open Platform

What is Alibaba Open Platform

Alibaba Open Platform is an open platform based on a variety of e-businesses of Alibaba Group, which provides external partners with all kinds of raw materials, such as API, account system and data security, to serve Taobao users. It is an important open approach for the basic service of Alibaba e-business, which will improve customization, creation and development in every industry, and will realize a new commercially civilized ecosystem finally. Our mission is to transmit a series of basic e-business services related to commodity, user, transaction and logistics of Alibaba (all its subsidiaries such as B2B Overseas, Taobao and Tmall) to the merchants, developers, community media and all walks of life in need just in a way to transmit water, electricity and coal.

Platform Features

Powerful business matrix and limitless business opportunities:

Alibaba Open Platform relies on the Alibaba Group which possesses hundreds of millions of registered buyers and millions of registered sellers, with daily trading volume being several billions. The diversity of Alibaba member demands and business demands provides abundant business opportunities for all kinds of partners.

Wide and deep open with few restrictions:

Alibaba Open Platform provides a huge space of business imagination for external partners—by January 2015, the number of the open APIs has exceeded 1500, covering the main processes of the core transactions and vertical businesses of Alibaba, with the average daily calls of API being over 5 billion. Alibaba Open Platform is the domestic open platform with the biggest scale of open e-business in terms of both the width and depth. Meanwhile, Alibaba Open Platform has a free form, which means it has no restriction on languages or platforms (browser, desktop and wireless platforms are supported).

Clear profit mode:

Alibaba Open Platform provides a clear profit mode for various applications (such as sharing application sales revenue and taking commission from successful transaction via Taobaoke), and successively provides more flexible profit modes according to partners’ feedbacks to fully support the expansion and development of partners.

Ample cooperation forms:

Alibaba Open Platform is a comprehensive open platform based on e-business. It has abundant e-businesses in addition to the basic features of traffic platform. Therefore, Alibaba Open Platform aims at opening the business to as many fields as possible. At present, it has provided over 10 kinds of cooperation forms for partners, including merchant’s own system, seller market application and wireless Baichuan application.

Note: only the service providers of Tmall.HK and can access for now.